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Amelia Earhart's Resting Place

If you've never heard of Amelia Earhart's, then you probably didn't know the fact that she was the first aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.


Earhart's mystery started when both Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan disappeared while trying to fly around the world. Signals were sent from Earhart's plane where she tried to find and confirm the location of Howland Island, which located at the atoll near the central of Pacific Ocean. 

There are few theories suggesting Earhart's disappearance and the most likely theory is The Nikumaroro Hypothesis. In this theory, Earhart landed on Nikumaroro Island, survived for sometimes and died on the very same island. She is said to be survived because of several hundreds radio signals sent from the plane, indicating that the plane was on land when the signal was sent. Apparently, the Electra (the plane's name) was swept away by Nikumaroro's strong waves, leaving no visible trace of the plane. 

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But now, researchers at the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery are attempting to verify the DNA evidence that will prove this theory when a skull was found by a researcher named Gallagher. The skull, believed to be from females with European descendant, together with 20th century makeup, a compact mirror and few other artifacts were found on Nikumaroro Island in 2007. 

Map showing the location of Howland and Nikumaroro Island
There are few speculations on how Earhart's died from injury, infection, eating toxic fish or simply dehydration. Nevertheless, now we can rest assured knowing that the mystery of the disappearance of world famous aviator is solved. 

Source: Here and here

Vending Machine for Cash

With the world of technology advancing everyday, we now can experience a whole new environment. But this advancement has its own cost, most obvious is the effect towards nature. But thanks to ecoATM, now we can recycle electronic products (cellphones and digital music players) in return for cash. 

What ecoATM developed was a kiosk or a vending machine that allows you to sort of trade in your phone for cash. In normal vending machine, you will put your money in return for goods but in this vending machine, you will need to put your unwanted cellphones in return for cash. 

With this machine in every mall in town, definitely unused electronic products can be managed in a more proper manner without damaging the mother nature. I think so far the machine only accept electronic items that can be used, which means broken or damaged product aren't acceptable. Nevertheless, it is without a doubt a wonderful tool for someone who hates his Iphone and wanted some cash to buy Blackberry. Watch the video below to see how the machine works. 

Source: Here and here

Visualizing the Petabyte

Computer technology is advancing more and more each day. We can have a 1GB storage media that is much cheaper now as compared to 10 years ago. We are reaching the petabyte age and below is a useful graphical information to understand the value of Petabyte.

Source: Here

Albino-like Penguin

From National Geographic, tourists found an albino-like penguin which is believed to be the case of rare genetic mutation. 

Penguin expert, P. Dee Boersma said the bird actually suffers from isabellinism, a genetic condition that dilutes pigment in penguins' feathers resulting in lightening of bird's dark color, turning it into pale brown or "blonde" penguin.

This genetic condition may affect the penguins' survival as penguins often used their black back in order to camouflage themselves from predator and prey, though no study has yet been done on this subject matter.

In case if you don't know how original penguins look like. 
Normal penguin VS Albino-like penguin
Genetic mutation in other animals
Source: Here

Name and Meaning of Saturn's Moons (Part 1)

As we all know, Saturn has around 60+ moons or natural satellites. Most of them are given names but some are not due to the lack of the characteristics in term "moon."  

Moon names below are listed alphabetically from A to L. Enjoy.

Aegaeon - One of the three Hecatonchires, a hundred-hands giant that help the titans. 

Aegir - This sea giant is also King of the sea creatures in Norse Mythology.

Albiorix - Also known as Toutatis, the worshiped celtic god in celtic paganism

Anthe - Derived from the word Anthea in Greek, which means "flowery" and is used to symbolize spring

Atlas - A titan which was punished by Zeus to hold the celestial spheres on his shoulders. Modern understanding is that Atlas was punished to carry Earth on his shoulders. 


Bebhionn - May derived from Bebinn, the goddess of beauty and seduction in Irish mythology.

Bergelmir - The frost giant that survived the blood flood after Ymir was killed by Odin. Bergelmir and his wife escaped the death and are believed to be the new ancestor of frost giant.

Bestla - The mother of the Gods Odin, Vili and Ve.

Calypso - A nymph in Greek mythology. She is famous because of Odysseus, a mortal man whom she tried to be with until the intervention from Zeus. 

Daphnis - This shepherd and flutist was the son Hermes and Sicilian nymph which was blinded by a Naiad after he cheated her.  

Dione - Mother of Aphrodites, the goddess of love and beauty. 

Enceladus - One of the Gigantes, the children of Gaia and Uranus. 

Epimetheus - the name means hindsight. Together with his brother Prometheus (foresight), they were the sons of Iapetus. 

Erriapus - From the Celtic mythology, Erriapus is believed to be the high god or the leader of the gods in celtic paganism.

Farbauti - Loki's father. 

Fenrir - A monstrous wolf which is believed to bit Tyr's right hand and together with Hati, they were foretold to kill Odin during the great battle, Ragnarok. 

Fornjot - The father of Aegi, Fornjot is believed to be the original ruler of Finland/Norway.

Read more about Saturn here.

Greip - One of two giantess. Daughter of Geirrod, and was killed by Thor along with other frost giants he could find after Geirrod tried to kill him.

Hati - is said to be the son of Fenrir, Hati chases the moon across the night sky and swallow this heavenly body during Ragnarok, which set Fenrir free to kill Odin. 

Helene - Most widely known as Helen of Troy or Helen of Sparta, the daughter of Zeus and Leda. Her abduction by Paris from her husband, Menelaus, brought upon the Trojan war.

Hyperion - One of the twelve gods of titans. He with his brothers, Krios, Koios and Iapetos conspire with Kronos to kill their father, Uranus when he descended to lie with Gaia. 

Hyperion, one of the original Titans of the Ancient Greece.

Hyrokkin - She was the giantess that help the Gods to move Hringhorni, Baldr's ship and the largest among them all to serve as the God's funeral ship. 

Iapetus - Also the son of Uranus and Gaia, the father of Prometheus is given the title "Titan of Mortal Life."

Ijiraq - A shape shifter from Inuit mythology, Ijiraq is believed to confuse Inuit people from entering their areas by being fatally deceptive. 

Jarnsaxa - A jotunn who happens to be Thor's lover and also the mother of Magni, Thor's son. 

Janus - A two faces god in ancient Roman religion facing eastward and westward. They are said to be able to look into the past and future at the same time. 

Kari - The son of Fornjot. Also the God of wind in Norse mythology. 

Kiviuq - An Inuit wanderer that travels across the north and with his supernatural powers, overcome the giants, spirits, cannibals, bear or sea monsters that obstruct his path. 

Loge - The germanize term of Loki, a weird God/Jotunn that sometimes creates troubles or help those in mischief. He's the father of Fenrir, Jormungandr, Nari and also the mother of Sleipner. 

Tom Middleton as Loki in the movie Thor 

Source of names: Here