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Vishalini: A Prodigy with Highest IQ in the World

The girl in the above picture is K. Vishalini, an 11 years old girl from Tamilnadu, India. Born with speech impairment (most geniuses in the world are) but was overcome with the help of her mother, Vishalini is due to claim the Guinness World Record because of her IQ which is estimated to be around 225. 

The only reason why she can't claim the record is because Guinness said only eligible entry requirement is 14 years old. Her IQ is 15 points more than the previous record holder, Kim Ung-Young from Korea (below picture).

Read more about Kim Ung - Young here.

Some of Vishalini's achievements:
  1. Vishalini’s IQ is around 225. It is higher than that of the Guinness record holder, Kim Ung-Yong, whose IQ is around 210.
  2. She has passed Microsoft Certified Professional and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) with more than 90% when she was just 10 years old - a world record again. (The previous record was held by a 12-year-old boy from Pakistan, Irtaza Haider)  
  3. She regularly now gets invited for "guest lectures" on Engineering topics at International conferences and by prestigious institutions like National Institute of Technology
  4. Both NITK of Mangalore and Kalasalingam Engineering College are now more than ready to welcome Vishalini. But her parents want the girl to enjoy her childhood for the next three years before thinking of entering a college campus.
Vishalini's parent said that their disappointment now is in the state and central governments who failed to recognize her achievements. Well, to Vishalini, the world of internet is pretty much awesome. Your achievement is just one mouse click away from being recognized by the gruesome governments.

Source: Here.

Geek Vs Nerd

There's a difference between geek and nerd and this infographic tells you just that.

Image source: Here.

P/s: I feel kinda lazy these days cause i can't figure out few problems that i have with Matlab programming. Hence the infographics. Will continue writing about stuff as soon as all the problems are gone. 

Hand Gestures

Same hand gestures may not have the same meaning if you're in different part of the world. See the most common hand gestures and places where you should avoid using them.

Some things aren't just the same......

Source: Here.