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A Brief History of Pretty Much Everything

Before you proceed, the admins will take a sabbatical leave for a few days to prepare for the final push of Ramadhan and the beginning of Syawal. 

This video is made with just biro pens and is 2100 pages long. It's kind of cool.

With this i would also like to say Happy Eid-ul-Fitr for Muslims all around the world. 

13 Year Old Researcher

Imagine if you're in your late 20s, or early 30s or 40s, and suddenly there's a young, pure prepubescent kid did a job that can cause you to lose yours?? Well, at least that's how i felt about this kid Aidan Dwyer a 13 year old Junior High School from New York.

Dwyer, with his idea of more effective solar panel configuration
This kid, while hiking through the mountain noticed that the arrangement of the leaves on the trees, are following the natural fibonacci sequence, where a number is equal to the sum of its previous two. He deduced that this particular arrangement of leaves must happened for a reason, and he thinks that the reason of why it behaves that way is because to efficiently collect or harness the solar power.

Intrigued by this idea, Dwyer created his own solar tree cells, following the fibonacci sequence. And the result, as astonishing as it is, was it produces 20% - 50% more power output when compared with normal photovoltaic panels. His achievement was recognized by The Young Naturist Awards and granted him a provisional US patent of the solar tree cells.

Phyllotaxy of leaves where it follows the sequence of
1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55........ - Picture taken from 
This amazing biomimicry design is hope to give new insight in designing the solar panel that is more efficient and productive. And hopefully, with the advancement in harnessing solar energy, hot countries can utilize this energy to develop a more advance and well-equipped environment for people to live in.


10 Almost Impossible Things to do With Your Body

Among all the impossible thing to do in this world, there are 10 that you can try it yourself. Well, the word almost is because SOME people can do it. But please don't go as far as to be in the world record for this.

NUMBER 10 - Raising One Eyebrow. 

Dwayne Johnson, among the character that can lift one eyebrow
Well, it is almost impossible but because the famous actor/former wrestler Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson can do it, everybody started to try and with passion to obtain this almost impossible ability, they manage to perform this impossible act. 

NUMBER 9 - Licking Your Own Elbow

Amazing tongue technique!!
Okay, this is another almost impossible thing to do. In some notes, they listed a few things and among them is "You can't lick your own elbow" and most people upon reading it will try to lick their own elbow according to a simple survey. But damn it, i can't do this either!!

NUMBER 8 - Gleeting

Picture from Wikipedia. This man name Patrick Ellison can do this
almost impossible thing to do with your mouth.
The term gleeting exists only in urban dictionary but the essential meaning is you spit the saliva out of your mouth by using the compression from your tongue. It looks gross, and yet it is fascinating because not many people can do it. Well, this one looks gross, so i'm not gonna try it. 

NUMBER 7 - Nose Twitch

At first i didn't know that this thing is actually almost impossible for us to do, well partly because my big bro can do it and some of my friends can too. But yeah, just look at the video to know what nose twitch is. 

NUMBER 6 - Wiggling Your Ear

I think the first time i saw this was when i watched Mr Bean starring by Rowan Atkinson. But it has been years since i saw that video and i couldn't find one on youtube, so here's the video showing wiggling ear. Some claim that this is hereditary but there also others who claim that they learnt how to do it. 

NUMBER 5 - Touching Your Nose or Chin Using Your Tongue

This one, well, i've tried it a few times and damn it, it's hard. I'm not sure if the shape of the nose and tongue render this possible or not but one thing for sure, you definitely have a long tongue if you can do this. 

NUMBER 4 - Tongue Trick

Heh. this one, let's just say i can't do it. Damn it. I think my genetics prevented me from doing anything stupid for that matter. 

NUMBER 3 - Sneeze With Your Eyes Open

Apparently it is possible. But from what i know, a person suffering an illness which can paralyze their reflex action can do this if i'm not mistaken. You can also force to open your eyes like these crazy mythbusters. And yes, your eyes won't pop out because the optic muscles around the eyes are strong enough to hold it in place even if you sneeze out a 100mph of mucus/liquid/saliva from your mouth and nose. 

NUMBER 2 - Tickle Yourself

I think this one is really impossible for anyone but maybe there are people who can tickle themselves that have not yet been documented. Well, the reason is because our brain can predict our own movement, hence canceling the tickling sensation whenever we're about to tickle ourselves. Unfortunately, the brain can't predict the movement of external tickling stimuli, that's why we laugh whenever someone tickle us and not when we tried to tickle ourselves. 


Due to graphic violation content, the size of the
picture can't be bigger than 200 x 200 pixels.
Well, this is the sickest among them all. But according to the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, 2 or 3 out of 1000 men can toot their own horn. One man claim to be able to do it after doing yoga for 3 years. Well, i bet most gymnasts can do it but seriously, this one is the hardest and the sickest among all the things that you can't do with your body. 

For the bonus part, you can read the site where i took this information here.

Medical Technology: EES

EES patch attached to the skin
EES, stands for Epidermis Electronic System is now the new thing in medical industry. Remember how the hospital wards look like? Yeah, an advance, sophisticate machines attached to the patient where God knows what will happen if you unplug the machine. But thanks to researchers at the University of Illinois, together with the Northwestern University, Tufts University, the Institute of High Performance Computing in Singapore, and the Dalian University of Technology, in China, who were also part of the study team, we'll probably say goodbye to these machines in the next decade.

This view will probably extinct in the next decade (God i hope so!!!)
The researchers said that the chip that they invented, will looks like a regular tattoo, but with the ability to transfer medical data wirelessly. Heart movement, brain activity, muscle monitoring and even speech pattern can be analyzed using this patch. With the existence of this patch, i think most people won't be afraid to go to hospital anymore because it's less scary and much more charming without the big, bulky machine.

This invention without doubt will blurred the boundary between technology and biology and hopefully with the advancement of this machine, the healthcare system especially in third world countries can be improved and lots of people can be saved within time. 

The lead project researcher, Yonggang Huang, explaining the EES technology

Source: Here and here.

Plastic to Oil Converter

Behold! This new machine may helps you think twice before you throw your plastic waste. The machine, invented by Akinori Ito from Japan achieved the dream of converting one kilogram of plastic to one liter of oil. Well, since plastic did came from crude oil, it is not an entirely impossible to convert it back to oil.

The machine, that looks like a big coffee maker,according to its inventor can reduced up to 80% of carbon emission from normal plastic disposal methods. Ito hopes that this machine can be bought by anybody and as for 30 November 2010, the price was USD 9500 and the latest price with some improvement made to the new model, is around USD 12700.

Below is the video showing the details about this machine.

Save the Earth, go Green!
Source: Here and here.

Google Search Tips

As we all know Google is first name in terms of searching for anything online, but ”
Do you use the full power of Google search?” or you’ve likely only scratched the surface.
Most people use their Google for searching simple keywords , but it can do so much more, such as finding phone numbers and being a simple calculator. Here is the list of best search engine tips, which will help you to find interesting and useful information

1) Google Currency Conversion
Convert any curreny on Google anytime
1 USD = ? PKR
1 Pound = ? USD

2)Google Definitions
Use Google as a online dictionary

3)Google Weather
Google can also provide world weather. You can search weather of your location.
Weather Zagreb, Croatia
Weather London, United Kingdom

4)Google Book Search
Google helps you to get the world’s information online by bringing online books.
Books about Animals
Books about Software

To see the time in many cities around the world, type in “time” and the name of the city.
time London
time New York

To use Google’s built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you’d like done into the search box.

5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=

7)Telephone Number
Find the US public, business, and residential telephone numbers. Currently google only provide phone numbers for US Residents only but maybe a much wider search will be available in the future.
Examples :
phonebook: John
phonebook: Tim

Looking for a map? Type in the name or U.S. zip code of a location and the word “map” and we’ll return a map of that location. Clicking on the map will take you to a larger version on Google Maps.

Seattle map
Zagreb map
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15 Facts About Urine

Although you go to the toilet at least twice a day, you probably don't know very much about urine. Well, here's a good graphical representation to understand urine better. 

(Click to enlarge the picture)

Source: Here

Organs to Order

Remember the speech in The World in 2030 where the speaker is the famous Dr Michio Kaku? Well, if not, watch it again here. In the video, he said that as for right now, organs are being created artificially in the lab, with the aim to eliminate the need for organ donor. And this story about the success of transplanted trachea that was grown in the lab may astonish you more.

The story takes place in Sweden, where surgeons transplanted a trachea made by using the patient's stem cells. The patient, a man with his windpipe damaged due to cancer was the first donor-less organ recipient in a collaboration of surgeons between Karolinska University Hospital (Sweden) and University College (London).

The creation of trachea started with a 3D scan of the patient's windpipe. Then an exact replica of the original windpipe is created using the glass scaffold and was soaked in the patient's own stem cells, creating the trachea in a mere two days. The biggest advantage that this technique offers is the almost zero rejection from the recipient's body because of the use of his/her own stem cells. With no rejection from the body, typical anti-rejection drugs can also be eliminated from list of drugs to be consumed everyday. 

How the trachea looks like
The success of the lab-grown trachea and the transplant might as well give some hope to the people who needs the organ for transplant. As for now, kidneys, liver, heart and lungs are among the organs that researchers hope can be created in the future. With this, we can say goodbye to donors while waiting for our new organs to be created in the lab within days. 

Source: here

Incredible Diagnostic Tool

If you watch the English series House, you'll see how hard it is for a doctor to diagnose a disease. Well, in that series, the disease may be exaggerated in someway to give more dramatic effect towards the viewer but rest assured, now there's no need for doctors, well except a brilliant one like House. XD

A team of researchers from UC Berkeley, Dublin City University and Universidad de Valpairaiso have developed a plastic biochip using microfluids technology which can revolutionized the world of diagnosticians. The biochip, called SIMBAS (Self-Powered Integrated Microfluidic Blood Analysis System) is basically a system that can diagnosed blood disease in a matter of minutes without using the big and bulky lab equipment.

The SIMBAS chip, by using tiny microfluidic channels will take the blood samples and separate the plasma from the blood cells. Using gravity to pull the blood cells towards the biomarker detection, the chip is said to be able to accurately diagnose diseases such as AIDS and Tuberculosis. What amazing about SIMBAS is its small size chip (1" by 2") is cheap to produce and does not take much space. It can be used anywhere. The third world countries may be thrilled to hear about this as it gives an accurate result. The team hope that this technology can also be used to diagnose heart disease, sepsis, cancer and other diseases that exist in developing countries. 

Following the same topic, University of Columbia, recently has developed tiny plastic card that can be used to diagnosed HIV in a matter of minutes. Using basically the same microfluiditic technology, the researchers are able to produced mChip (that's what they call it) with credit card size. The conventional HIV test will need an expert to draw blood and lab equipment but by using this chip, the cost will significantly reduce, there's no need for lab equipment and we can get the result in 15 minutes. 

As for right now, this tool can help in detecting HIV, syphilis and mostly blood-related disease. The professor who lead this project says that this tool can help in detecting disease in developed countries very well and together with the advancement in pharmaceutical area, the disease can be treated early and very well.


Errors in Thinking

In this world, it is important for us to think correctly and to avoid any errors in thinking. This is important no matter who you are because if you don't think correctly, you will end up doing mistakes and that mistakes may cause something. Here I put some of the common errors in thinking and hopefully you'll always aware of it and avoid it from happening at all cost.

The Thinker pose.

  1. Partialism. This is the major error in thinking where the thinker, only thinks about one part of the problem/thing. Usually happens because inadequacy/insufficiency of perception and information. May be intentional or unintentional.
  2. Time scale: This is another type of partialism in which the thinker only include a narrow slice of time. For example, an IT undergraduate students sees that his friend who works in a small business obtained RM2000++ per month without having a diploma certificate decided to leave his study and join the business. He didn't think that in the next 5 years after he graduate, he will not only get a degree certificate, but even a higher starting salary than his friend and even a faster promotion.
  3. Egocentricity: The thinker only think about how the situation is going to affect his own self personally. Example, you are an important person in your company and everyone in the company loves and respects you. But out of the blue you receive an offer from the other company with a higher salary and decide to leave. The error is unable to trace the effect of your action to others as everything is about you.
  4. Arrogance and Conseit: Arises when there is a logic explanation for something and that logic explanation is taken to be the right explaination. For example, government said that science and mathematics should be teached in English but the standard of science and math dropped after the process begins. So the logic explanation is science and math should not be taught in English as they drop the standard of the subjects and thus academic performance.
  5. Initial Judgement: When an idea arises, the thinker quickly judge the idea as good or bad. This error in thinking may happen due to like/dislike/position or based on social/emotion/belief. For example, when we saw a person is using a brand new car, we immediately think that he must be CEO of a company when the truth is the person borrowed his sister's car without her knowing it.
  6. Adversary thinking: In this process, rather than think together, the thinker always try to prove others wrong. He doesn't need to prove that his right to show that others is wrong. Example, if A claims that B is wrong, automatically people will think that A is right although he is not actually right.
  7. Ego-involvement: In this thinking, the thinker usually think just to protect his own ego or pride. It is usually practised by someone who is smart and famous such as politician, a teacher,professor, lecturers or managers. Usually they do this because they don't want to admit that they have made a mistake. For example, a teacher is solving a math equation using completing the square method but there is some error in the solution. A student raise their hand to say that the teacher's wrong but instead of admit his/her own mistake they say "who's the teacher here? Me or you?."
  8. Magnitude error: This type of error happen when the thinker can't or forgot to include the problem on the larger scale. For example, since most of the criminals are male, preventing male from going outside at night might be logic as an answer. But on the larger scale, not all male are criminals. So the answer although it is logic, it can't be used as an answer to this problem.
  9. Extreme thinking: This error happen when the thinker is pessimistic all the time. The pessimistic person always think of something bad although the thing is good. For example, if there is suggestion that weapon system should be introduce as one of a course in university, extreme thinker will say that if people take that course, the student will think like a terrorist and thus the next future leader is also terrorist and also cause the nation to approve terrorism.
It is important that you avoid all these errors when applying your thinking hat. If you can avoid these errors, creativity and a good solution for a problem may come out.


Abby Marks-Beale, “Study Skills, The Tools for Active Learning,”Chapter 13 Developing Critical Thinking Skills – Some Common Mistakes In Thinking,Delmar Publishers Inc.,1994

The World in 2030

If the doomsday 2012 is proven wrong next year, let's hope that we can live for another 20 years in order to see the advancement of technology that we can have during that time that is not available right now. Even as we speak, there are lots of significant achievements made by various scientists, researchers, physicists and many other people that can help towards the easement of mankind.

Below is a lecture given by Dr Michio Kaku, the co-founder of string theory and a brilliant theoretical physicist, about how the world will be in 2030.

The advancement in metamaterial research, artificial intelligence, robots, medical breakthrough are among the things discussed in this lecture. Watch it if you want to know how the world will looks like in 2030!

SOINN - An Intelligent Robot

Remember the date, August 2nd 2011, because this is the beginning of robot domination throughout the world. Researchers with Hasegawa Group at Tokyo Institute of Technology now have created a robot, called Self-Organizing Incremental Neural Network (SOINN) that is able to learn, think and act by itself.

Apparently this robot is not given any name as the true technology that is being demonstrated was the neural technology behind it. Watch the demonstration of the robot to see what it can do.

The most awesome feature in this robot is its ability to connect with other robot throughout the world via internet to ask for things that it didn't know how to do, and within a matter of time, it can learn that new thing and perform it on the spot.

Our hope is that this robot will follow the Asimov's Law of Robotics.
  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm
  2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law
God knows what happen if this robot does not follow these laws. XD



In this universe, lots of materials exist with only certain properties, therefore limiting their potential for scientific application. The creation of new material, which does not exist in nature, is important as to explore the new possibility of advancing science towards the benefit of mankind. Such a material, called a metamaterial, usually is engineered in order to have specific properties by manipulating its structure of composition.

The research in metamaterials begin when scientists were intrigued about exploring the possibility of having a negative refractive index. In positive refractive index, the light that enters a medium from one direction with an angle of incidence will be refracted towards the opposite side with a refracted angle that can be less or more than the angle of incidence depending on the medium. However in negative refractive index, the light is refracted towards the same side from the imaginary line, the property in which makes invisibility to become reality.

Diagram showing the difference between positive refraction
index(right) with negative refraction index(left).
Metamaterial allows the impossible application such as invisibility cloak to be possible. Some applications that are rendered possible because of metamaterial can be seen below:

  1. Terahertz metamaterial - Terahertz frequency is a frequency that is higher than microwave but lower than infrared and visible light. Terahertz wave is used widely in medical imaging to detect tumor, radio astronomy spectroscopy and at some point, for security detection of chemicals, biological agents and weapons.
  2. Cloaking device - Many proof of working invisibility cloak have been shown although most of them are creating invisibility not in visible wavelength. You can read about the latest achievement in invisibility cloak here.
  3. Acoustic metamaterial - This artificially created metamaterial is important in work involving sound wave. The fabricated metamaterial is important in order to direct, order or manipulate sound waves. With acoustic metamaterial, sonic waves can now enter the negative refraction domain. 
These are just some of the vast possibility of new applications that can be made by employing the properties govern by metamaterial.

Metamaterial could be used to create high def ultrasound image.

Sort of invisible cloak created by David R Smith from Duke University