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Away For Research

First of all, sorry for not updating anything for the past few days. I've been thinking about what other materials can i put inside this awesome blog of mine. So far, nothing come to mind although there are suggestions from my friends and few ideas of my own. Mostly the topics are quite hard to explain, thus i need some time to search, google and understand the fundamental concept before i deliver it to you guys. Anyway, please bear for another few days and wait for my awesome upcoming post. =)

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Control Everything With Your Brain

After Alan Turing invented the algorithm, more advance electronic device started to show up. Computer for example, is the result of this advancement in technology industry. Now, our world achieved another significant advancement where you can link your thought with computer devices.

Example of brainwave-reading technology used to develop NOUS.

Begin as the idea for a smart home that try to use our mind to control the switches, the device called NOUS (Neuro-Operated Utility System) makes the idea possible. This system will use a brain-computer interface in order to operate or control almost everything in your house. Curtains, lights and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system can all be controlled by this device. 

The concept is not for regular people but mostly developed to help severely disable people. The device is still in early stage but the team who created it said that the price will only be a fraction of what current smart house system cost. 

You can read and see the video and review about this device in here. As usual, every technology advancement has their own side effect and hopefully, people will only use it for the betterment of other people. 

p/s: I'm sure people don't want to have a mind controlled explosive device or else it will be a disaster!

Nikola Tesla: The Forgotten Genius

Despite of using many of his inventions, not that many of us know about Nikola Tesla. Well, here's a simplified version of a story of a man whose contributions to the world were forgotten by others.

Nikola Tesla, a Serbian inventor born on July 1856 was a dreamer with a poetic touch. What's so amazing about Tesla was he can imagine his invention in his head and execute it without the need of any blueprints or detail calculations. He attended Technical University at Graz, Austria and the University of Prague. After observing the Gramme dyname, his amazing brain conceived an idea of alternating current which later become the most important type of current during that era as well as nowadays.

During the time where even electricity is considered as "ethereal mystery", Tesla already had a vision about electromagnetic fields which was first discovered by Micheal Faraday. Even the great Micheal Faraday had a problem convincing his idea of electromagnetic field let alone Tesla. Due to his eccentric genius, Tesla had only a few friends and always kept things to himself. Never had a home in America, he chose to live in hotel in which during his final few decades, only granting interviews and making annual public appearance during his birthday.

In 1884, he arrived at New York, America with only 4 cents in his pocket, a few poems and calculations for a flying machine, he first found a place for employment with Thomas Edison who also was his employer during  1882 where he worked for Continental Edison Company in Paris. But because of the difference in the background and methods of doing things, the separation of these two inventors was inevitable.

Tesla continued to work on his inventions and in 1888, seizing the momentous opportunity, sold some of his patents to George Westinghouse. And for a mere $60,000 , the company acquired the patent for polyphase alternating current technology. Tesla's fame increased further when the company won the contract to supply the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 with electricity. Tesla's idea of alternating current which was owned by the company George Westinghouse set Edison's company in trouble, because he was promoting direct current. Due to this, Edison as quoted from "mounted an ugly publicity stunts designed to discredit Tesla and to save his own financial investment in DC".

You can read about the cheap method Edison used in order to humiliate Tesla's innovation in the passage below, taken from here.

"Animals were brutally electrocuted with AC, including an elephant, which were recorded by Edison and shown at public gatherings.

Edison embarked on a number of propaganda campaigns which attempted to persuade the general public that AC was dangerous. Nicknamed the "death current" by Edison, public demonstrations were staged in which animals were brutally electrocuted with AC, including an elephant, which were recorded by Edison and shown at public gatherings.
Despite the public's fear of AC, Tesla had the upper hand. Direct current was good only for short distances. The accumulated resistance in metallic wires and cables greatly reduced the electrical power as it traveled through the transmission lines. AC, on the other hand, did not suffer the same loss and was able to travel great distances with little loss of potential.
Also, because alternating current could react with coils of wire (transformers) to increase or decrease the voltage, electricity could be produced at high power levels at the generation stations and then reduced just prior to being distributed locally. Eventually, Edison lost his battle and alternating current became the electric industry standard. To this day, the three-phase form of Tesla's polyphase system is still used for the generation and transmission of most electricity. Moreover, the conversion of electricity into mechanical power is made possible by updated versions of Tesla's three-phase and split phase motors.

Tesla's experiments with high frequency and high potential alternating currents resulted in the development of the "Tesla coil." This device is a transformer with an air core that has both its primary and secondary tuned in resonance. As part of other experiments Tesla also developed the precursors of modern neon and florescent lights. He constructed these lights, elongated glass tubes filled with gas and coated with phosphor, excited in his high voltage experiments. He also discovered that high voltage current could be made harmless by using an alternating current scheme at very large frequencies.

Returning to New York in 1900, Tesla began construction on Long Island of a wireless world broadcasting tower, with $150,000 capital from the American financier J. Pierpont Morgan. Tesla claimed he secured the loan by assigning 51 percent of his patent rights of telephony and telegraphy to Morgan. He expected to provide worldwide communication and to furnish facilities for sending pictures, messages, weather warnings, and stock reports. The project was abandoned because of a financial panic, labor troubles, and Morgan's withdrawal of support. It was Tesla's greatest defeat."

At the end of his life, FBI came to his home and searched to get information about his proposal for advanced weapon system and Death Ray Machine. In wikipedia, it stated that after his death, Tesla's property were impounded even though he was a naturalized citizen. The FBI also declared his paper as top secret together with his inventions,creations,idea and patents. Tesla died with a significant debt despite of selling his alternating current invention to George Westhouse. 

Right now, many physicist and electrical engineer are trying to discover the long lost idea of Tesla about electricity. I read somewhere that Tesla was a paranoid genius, and together with his photographic memory, he didn't write most of his idea on a paper. Many great ideas hence died with him. For what its worth, may he rest in peace despite of the turbulence and trouble that affected his life. 

Concrete Canvas Shelter

Okay, i'm swear when i was writing this, i love the idea of simple home with nothing except for a kitchen use to make food and a bed for sleep. Then i saw this awesome simple "house" that can be used as a place for shelter especially during a big catastrophic event such as tsunami.

From one of my favorite website,, it says: 

"Concrete Canvas is fabric impregnated with cement. Before it is activated, the fabric is thin and flexible enough to be folded and packed in a regular shipping crate. After it is sent to a disaster area, a plastic bladder is inflated and the Concrete Canvas laid over it. Then a generous spray of water activates the concrete and it begins to harden in the shape of the underlying bladder."

What's more important is that this sturdy canvas does not need pure,clean water to harden it, so dirty water can also be used. But i think urine is not included in the option for water. It takes only 24 hours to complete and can be use straight away. The resulting canvas is fire and water proof together with the sturdiness which surpass manyfold of the normal canvas shelter. See the video below to see how it's being deployed and completed.

I think if i can somehow get electricity to put inside this canvas, i'd be happy to buy this and voila, i have a house. Simple and elegant. Anyway, if you want to purchase the concrete canvas shelter, you can click here to see the contact information and the how to purchase instruction. That's all. Thank you. 

Solar Death Ray.

Hi. Today we're going to look another home made video about a Solar Death Ray, well at least that is what the man inside this video calls it. First, we look at the video. 

Okay, first after you watched this clip, go to youtube and see the comments below. Most of the "nerds" there feel thrilled about this video and some claimed that this one is a fake. For what its worth, i think the idea is there. The concept is simple, by using the reflected light from the mirror to focus the sunlight on one point. I think the part where he burned down the wood in an instant is fake (i don't think it is in an instant but rather a few minutes) but if we focus the heat from the sun to one point, anything can burned up. 

That's just the concept. To create it on the other hand, need a level of detail where you need to concentrate your focus and can't be distracted. The mirror must properly aligned so that the focus point created is small and i think the smaller the focus point, the higher the heat energy that is focused on that point. Well, you can try to create it. What you need is a parabolic dish. An advice from a fellow youtube commenter, he said create a model using the software (he didn't state which one) to determine the focus point, amount of mirror needed, size of the mirror and how to align the mirror to give the smallest focus point available. 

"Hellas is the name for Greece. The name Hellas stands; 'land of light' or illumination. Thus here is its weapon the sun's rays, that the Hellenes used as their weapon!" by aek1928 - A comment from youtube.

p/s: if anyone can create a smaller hand held solar death ray, than i'd love to buy it from you. XD

IP Spoofing and IP Session Hijacking

Hi. We now live in the world where internet is one of the most important thing for us. But how much did you know about internet, let alone defending yourself against malicious attacker such as a cracker or hacker? I'm no expert in this field but i do hope with this two things, you can understand the world of computer much better than before. Now let's get started.

IP Spoofing.

Before we proceed, we have to know what IP is. IP stands for internet protocol address where it says a thing or two about your computer. Each computer has their own unique IP address. Usually, the IP address will looks like this:

As you notied there're decimal points or dots that separate the numbers. Well, this is to differentiate between the network and the host address. You can see the difference between the class of IP Address here. Now, moving on to the IP Spoofing subject. There are lots of different definitions for IP Spoofing but basically it involves the creation of false IP in order to conceal the identity of the packet's sender. 

Personally, i don't think that IP Spoofing is dangerous cause i also use it from time to time. Depending on the viewer in this IP Spoofing subject, one might find that this tool can be useful. In not so extreme cases, with the combination of other techniques and knowledge, the attacker may create a false address and cause you to enter your sensitive password and send it to the attacker. For what its worth, make sure you protect your IP Address and always browse on secure connection. XD

IP Session Hijacking.

Okay. This one is a bit dangerous as compared to spoofing. It is dangerous if the attacker is somehow experience. It is hard for a wannabe badass to perpetrate this type of crime (crime?). IP Session Hijacker will attack and take control of a user's session. For example, if the user is reading the email, then the attacker will also read the same email and worse because the attacker can do whatever he wants that he wishes as the attacker.

To give an example of session hijacking, read the passage that i take from here

"For the description of the attack, let's return to our large network of networks in Figure 4. In this attack, a user on host A is carrying on a session with host G. Perhaps this is a telnet session, where the user is reading his email, or using a Unix shell account from home. Somewhere in the network between A and G sits host H which is run by a naughty person. The naughty person on host H watches the traffic between A and G, and runs a tool which starts to impersonate A to G, and at the same time tells A to shut up, perhaps trying to convince it that G is no longer on the net (which might happen in the event of a crash, or major network outage). After a few seconds of this, if the attack is successful, naughty person has ``hijacked'' the session of our user. Anything that the user can do legitimately can now be done by the attacker, illegitimately. As far as G knows, nothing has happened."

To prevent your IP from being hijacked, simply change the standard type telnet application to the encrypted version. This way, if the attacker take over the session, he'll only see gibberish thing because of the encrypted session. 

I think this is it for IP spoofing and IP session hijacking. Make sure you know how to keep yourself from malicious attacker while surfing the net. Have fun!

Awesome Robot Light Saber Battle

Hi. Robot and light saber are two things that show how cool our technology can be. It's cool if we can watch a robot fight with each other but it is awesome if these robots fight with a light saber! Yaskawa, a manufacturing company from US (i think) tried to realize this dream. You can see the robots fighting with their light saber on in the video below.

Granted, the fight is not very awesome but hey, we take what we can get, right? I'm not sure how far we've got with the light saber and robot but what i can tell you is that robots fight is awesome! 

p/s: Please don't do this violence act at home. XD

The Sleep Cycle

Hi. I'm back after a week without anything. Well, Pirates of The Caribbean was amazing, and there're lots of new exciting movies that will be out June and July this year. Sorry, just a lil bit of how i spent my time. Alright, lets move on to our topic today, The Sleep Cycle.

As I'm sure many of you love to sleep, I'm also sure that you don't really understand about sleep eventhough you spent one third of your life just to sleep. Well, read this one carefully as you may need it to tell your kids one day. First of all, look at the picture below.

You see, it is a cycle. Starting with stage 1,2,3,4 and then REM or Rapid Eye Movement stage. This is the basic cycle of our everyday sleep but there may be some differences and variations depending on the individual itself. Stage 1 until 4 is called NREM stage where at these stage, the brain only signaling the body to prepare for REM stage. 

Stage 1.

In stage 1, the body is considered to be "half awake" well maybe because the person can still hear what others are talking and yet can't process the information. It's easy to recognize stage 1. If you see your friend sleeping in class, wake him/her up and look at the response. They'll tell you that they aren't asleep but you see with your own eyes that they were sleeping! 

Other useful indicators is the hypnic myoclonia, or a sudden movement of your body, usually presence with the sensation of falling. During this period you may notice you or yourself, will suddenly wake up. And then goes back to sleep as the falling is just a "dream". This stage usually last for about 5 to 10 minutes. 

Stage 2.

In stage 2, the heart rate will decrease, your body temperature will drop and in polysomnograph, you will see a period of muscle tone and muscle relaxation. Basically, this stage is just to help and prepare your body for deep sleep stage which is stage 3 and stage 4. 

Stage 3 and 4.

These two stages are referred to as deep sleep stage. Well, i forgot which year they started combined these two stages. The reason was these two stages are hard to differentiate between each other, yet we can see the difference between these two stages with other stages. I'm gonna use the deep sleep stage term here.

During the early part of this stage, you will see a period of delta waves in the polysomnograph but as the time moves on, the delta waves become prominent. Deep sleep stage will occur for about 30 to 45 minutes. Bed wetting and sleepwalking may occur at the end of this stage.

If you wake your friends who is in this stage, the person may be slightly disoriented. Probably going rampage. Well, i think rampage is appropriate. I don't want anybody to disturb my sleep either. But as for my experience observing all my roommates, they tend to go back to sleep if you wake them up in this stage. I don't know whether it's the habit or the stage caused them to do so. Anyhow, the body is now ready to enter REM stage.

REM Stage.

Well, as i mentioned earlier, REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This is the obvious characteristic of this stage where the eyes move rapidly (i forgot either up down or left right). Dreams are most likely to occur in this stage. During this stage, your brain will become actives and yet, your body is not. This is why REM stage is also referred to as paradoxical sleep.

REM stage is most important for babies as they need the REM stage to process the information that they gather during the day. It is also important for us to get enough REM sleep as we need to have a high functioning brain to do our work. The stage is believe to start about 70 - 90 minutes after you fall asleep and the stage occurs 3 to 5 times if you sleep 8 hours a day.

By understanding sleep cycle, i think you'll know how to organize your time better. It is important as we need two things in the morning, a good night sleep and an awesome dream to tell our friends. For these things, we need to have enough sleep and enters the REM stage as many as possible. Maybe next time i'll tell you guys about dream and problems that can occur while you sleep. But for now, enjoy!


Hi. I just finished my exam about 6 hours earlier. I'm pretty sure i can get good result though not as good as my genius friends. But here i'm just hoping everything will be better. But anyway, today i wanna talk about light. Maybe you have your own meaning about light, but here's mine.

Light consists of transverse electromagnetic waves. While some claims that there is a possibility for light to exist in longitudinal EM waves, none have been proven so far. What's transverse EM waves? Basically it looks like this: 

The properties of transverse EM waves is that when the electrical portion of light oscillates up and down, the magnetic portion oscillates in right or left while propagating forward (try to imagine in 3D). The properties of electromagnetic waves have been discovered by many scientists, among them are Michael FaradayJames Clerk MaxwellMax Planck and even the great Einstein himself. 

As most of you know, there are spectrum of light that we can see and also that we can't. The portion of what we can see is called a visible light which is basically the spectrum of light which is from 390nm to 750nm. Some people, through God's work, may be able to see beyond this spectrum, which i'm sure sounds pretty awesome while the fact is it isn't. Have you tried to see your x-ray picture or infrared devices? The picture sucks. Just be grateful that you can see beautiful things in visible light will ya? (>_<)

Celeritas. It's a Latin name for swift or speed. In science, the symbol "c" is meant for the speed of light, which is 299,752,458 m/s if travels in vacuum. What's so special about this number? Well, according to Einstein, if you squared this number and multiply by the mass of an object, you can get the amount of energy that can be created IF all portions of the object is converted to energy without loss. So far no invention achieved this speed. Even using the Large Hadron Collider, the particle can only accelerate at 99.99% from the speed of light itself. 

By understanding the properties of light, we came out with many inventions that help us doing our everyday work. Solar panel, spectacles, even your television also involves the understanding of light. The only question remains about light is what if the speed of light is different? It's the same with other constant that we used, all have their own uncertainties and limitations. You see, the more you understand something, the more you seem like you know nothing about our universe. But hopefully, whatever you read here can give you some thought, and hopefully make us understand what universe can do and what it can tell us about the power of its creator.

I think that is all from me today. Oh yeah, i wanna read Stephen Hawking's book about the Brief History of Time but i don't have any money. Maybe later i'll tell you about what time actually is and given that we use time everyday, it may change your opinion about this world a bit. But as for now, adios!

Exam Mode (again....)

Sorry guys. After the exam i'll be at home which got no internet connection. So i think the next post will be about two weeks from now. But don't worry, i'll try to find good stuff while i'm away. Make sure to stay tune and continue reading lots of thing. Bye!
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Pranav Mistry

Hi. Have you heard anything about this man called Pranav Mistry? 

Well, if you don't, you might miss the greatest invention of all time! Above is the picture that made the impossible becomes possible. He's an Indian genius who studied mostly IT related stuff and his favorite is augmented reality. What he did was he created a sort of bridge that connect the physical world with digital world. If you can't digest what i just said, try imagine if you can take picture, call, or even display and play with whatever data that you have by just using your fingertips. Yes, it is cool. He's one of the top inventor and on top of that, his invention is open source, which means you can edit and change whatever you want without any worries of lawsuits. Some people said that he's dumb because his invention can worth millions of dollars, but i think he just love to create things that others can't. 

Below are two videos where Mistry explained his idea and inventions. 

Enjoy the videos! 

Awesome Do it Yourself

Hi. I doodled around youtube today and i found a few videos which i think is fun to do. Lets just watch the videos.

1. Suspending Water Without a Cup

The trick for this is everything is subjected to gravity. And the inertia allows it to stay in shape for a few seconds. Some people claim that this video is a fraud nevertheless, it's fun to try and if you can't do it, well, go on with the next video. 

2. Home Made Projector

Well, this one is not really a home made cause it uses the OHP to project the colors from the flat screen. But somehow if you compare the price for OHP + Flat Screen with a Projector itself, i doubt that the OHP and flat screen will cause cheaper. Anyhow, it is an awesome manipulation of electronic devices and only those who has the passion to do it can do it. This projector only need a white screen and i think the resolution is great because they used flat screen!

3. Home Made Air Conditioner 

With the weather approaching 36 degree centigrade in Malaysia, i believe this one is the most useful one. The only problem is whether or not you have the passion to sit in your garage trying to make this air cond in a hot weather. It uses water as the cooling agent and i doubt this home made a/c will produce carbon dioxide gas which is harmful to nature. In a way, you'll get a green air cond in your house with a very cheap price!!

That's it for today. I'm off to find another cool thing for you guys to know. Bye. 

Planets Visible to Unaided Eyes.

Have you wondered how the planets aligned themselves and more importantly, how they were found to begin with? Well, it's not what i want to share with you guys today, just a provoking thought to feed our hungry mind. Anyway, in StarDate magazine, they announced that four of the planets in Solar System can be seen with naked eye on pre-dawn May 12th 2011. Read the short story here.

StarDate magazine is a magazine showing tips on skywatching, skymaps, photos, astronomy features and news. Unfortunately, i haven't found the reason as to why these planets are visible to our naked eyes. But i think the reason was their location is too close to each other, forcing gravitational pull to act upon each other. But sometimes, you've got to forget about the meaning and enjoy the ambiance once in a while. So, just take your cameras, and shoot some pictures!!!

Swarming Robots and Awesome Train

Hi. I'm back from my few days of struggling with my finals. I've missed a lot, so i'll try to update as many news as i can in these few days of freedom.

1. Cool Swarming Robot to boost Wi-fi Signal

This is still a CONCEPT though. The idea came from a team of scientists at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology thought how important is the Wi-Fi signal during or after a disastrous event. Think about how awful it is to have terrorists attacking your communication system, or when a person is trapped and couldn't find a signal to call someone for help, or if you are out in the wood and there's bear or wolf or dogs, i believe then you'll think how good it is to have Wi-Fi signal. 

The team said, these "swarming micro air vehicles" can establish wi-fi powerful enough so that the rescuer can establish an essential contact. Each of these tiny robots will have transmitter in its wing to emit wireless signal, and by having a swarm of tiny robots, i believe the wifi connection will be strong enough to transmit data in terms of video, voice or images. (We need this in Malaysia, specifically UTP cause the connection sucks and these tiny robots may help in boosting our wifi connection.)

2. Modern, Attractive and Sophisticated Subway

Well, some of us may have to use the subway everyday. And if twenty years of life the subway still looks the same, i bet everyone will be tired of it. But don't worry, designer Yves Lombardet has the solution for this problem, using his Metronomie Concept (I'm sorry, they don't explain WTH is this metronomie concept).

Basically, he only make the subway interesting by adding different layout of the train cart, different colors, element of interest and etc. The idea is not that bad but it can be improved. You can put different layout for the cart so that the customer feels the urge to ride a train just to feel the difference in cart layout. And instead of town facts, try to install a HD TV in there and let the user watch things like video of the day from other sources like youtube (Please don't show Justin Bieber or Rebecca Black or otherwise the TV will be broken).

I think this one is also good for Malaysians, well if not, i think it is good for me. Cause i'm tired of looking at the same layout and out-of-date movie promotion in our commuter. I think this is it for quick update. Will come back with more amazing stories for you to read!!

Sorry guys, can't update for a few days. Will be back after my exams are over. Thank you.
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Einstein, The Freaking Genius

Hi, sorry for not posting anything for the past few days. I’ve been busy with stuff and researching for new topic to put here. Anyway, today I feel like a historian, so I’m gonna tell you the history of a brilliant scientist, Albert Einstein. Einstein is so famous till the word Einstein is used to describe a genius, regardless of what field they’re in. Though he was a brilliant scientist, not that many people really understand how his life was. So here, I’m hoping that you guys can use his life story as your motivation, whatever.

Einstein in his early life

Einstein was born in March 1879, in Ulm, located under the German Empire during that time. During his early childhood, Einstein had some difficulties in speaking. He attended a Catholic elementary school when he was five and three years later, he was transferred to Luitpold Gymnasium where he received more advance primary and secondary education.

As he grows up, Einstein showed his talent in a few key subjects especially Mathematics. A Jewish medical student, Max Talmud who lived with the Einsteins for 6 years, was the one who guided Einstein through many secular educational interests. In 1894, his father’s company lost in the war of currents to AC (the company was based on DC at this moment of time), forcing them to move to other places to survive. Einstein, refusing to follow his family, stays at Munich to finish his study. A year later, Einstein withdrew to join his family in Pavia in which he sent an application for ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. He failed his entrance exam and his family sent him to Aarau, northen Switzerland to let him finish his secondary school. At age 17, he graduated and at 1896, he enrolled in four year mathematics and physics teaching diploma at a polytechnic in Zurich.

After graduated, Einstein had difficulties in securing a job and luckily, his classmate’s father secured him a job in a patent office. But it was at this office Einstein develop a thought experiment that allows him to come up with his brilliant idea, E=MC2. To make a long story short, after his first publication of his formula, Einstein was still stranded in the patent office because as a real historian puts it “The idea of Einstein’s formula is too large for anyone in that era to understand even the slightest concept of it.” But after a few months (or years, I forgot) scientists from all over the world had started to understand his idea. It was after this moment; Einstein was recognized as the greatest scientist in that era.

During the 5th Solvay Conference. Two from his left was Madam Curie, the only woman in this picture.

The year where Einstein became famous is 1905. The term “Annus Mirabilis” was given to this year simply to recognize Einstein’s publication of four groundbreaking papers on the photoelectric effect, Brownian movement, special relativity and matter and energy equivalence. Einstein won a Nobel Prize in 1921 not because of his relativity theory, but for his work in photoelectric effect, even decades after his announcement of relativity theory, people still had hard time understanding it.

Einstein in the end of his life

Eintein died in 1955 being a US citizen. You can read the part where the war breaks down, the Nazis and Jews thingy, a conference in Berlin, his migration to US and all related stuff in here. It’s not because I don’t want to tell the stories myself, but if I did, this would be a very long post and I know you also have some stuff to do other than reading this post. But for you to be able to read it until here, I salute you because of your perseverance. Thank you for reading and hopefully you get something meaningful from this story.