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Gods in Norse Mythology

Hi. The past few days, searching for ideas, materials, together with reading lots of stuff rendered me crazy. So, just to stop from all the scientific stuff for a moment, i'll share with you guys about Norse Mythology, specifically their famous gods.

Okay, first we have to understand about Norse mythology itself. Well, everything about the Norse mythology, the story, myth, the legends of the Norse Pagans. Materials regarding the Norse mythology mostly came from 11th to 18th century. Norse mythology also is believed to exist in countries like Sweeden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and also Finland. Lemme skip this part and moves on to the famous Gods in this mythology. You can read about Norse Mythology in many website, just use google.

1. Odin - The King of Gods.

As the name stated, Odin is the King of Gods according to Norse Mythology. He is basically the best in wide range of area including war, magic and prophecy, hunting and knowledge. He has an eight legged horse which is called Sleipner. The appearance of Odin is more of a classic wizard with robe and large beards. He has only one eye which he sacrificed in order to get the wisdom of age at Mimir's spring. 

2. Thor - The God of Thunder

Thor is the God of Thunder in Norse mythology and is the most famous one. He is a little bit short tempered and stupid but very kind hearted. This son of Odin has the characteristics of true Vikings which are strength and determination. Ruling with the legendary hammer called Mjollnir, he slew the head if the most dangerous beast, the World Serpent and died after killing the beast due to the injury he suffered. 

3. Tyr - The God of Glory

Portrayed as one handed God, Tyr is given the title God of Glory because of countless victory and heroic glory in Norse mythology. His age is believed to be far older than anyone else in Asgard. He lose his hand while trying to bind Fenrir, the wolf who is said to devour the Sun when sets free. He was killed during the famous Ragnarok, facing the Dog of Hell, Cerberus, the three headed dog. 

4. Freyja - The Goddes of Love

Freyja, the God of beauty and love is also said to be among the fiercest warriors and her position as the leader of valkyries proved that. She is the owner of the necklace Brisingamen, which she got in the land of dwarfs and ironically, this necklace caused her her marriage. After the turmoil on her marriage, she wonders the world in search of his lost love Odur. She continues weeping during the search and it is said that her tears that fall on the soil turned the soil into gold and the one falls in the sea turned into amber.

5. Freyr - The God of Peace

The twin brother of Freyja, Freyr is associated with peace, weather and male fertility. Freyr has the most wonderful magic sword which can fight on its own. He also in possession of a magic ship that can be folded and put in a pouch when not in use. He married the giantess Gerd that caused him to loose his magic sword and later was killed by the fire jotunn Surtr in the Ragnarok event. 

6. Heimdall - The Guardian God

Also known as the watchmen, Heimdall possessed a horn called the Gjallarhorn. The soft sound produced from this horn is to announce the arrival of God and sounded more fierce in the time of danger. Heimdall also possesses the foreknowledge, keen eyesight and hearing. He stood as a guardian on Bilfrost Bridge, the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Migard. Despises Loki very much, he later killed Loki in the event of Ragnarok though he also died in the very same battle. 

7. Loki 

Loki is said to be the trickster, and the trouble maker in Norse mythology. Although there are times when he helped the Gods, most of the time he only brings the misfortune towards Asgard. He is known as the shape-shifter, also the gender shifter in which he uses his ability to create the wolf Fenrir, the world serpent Jormungandr. Also, by stealing the horse Svaolifari from the giants, he gave birth to an eight legged horse which he then gave it to Odin as a present. Loki was killed by Heimdall who despises him from the very beginning during the Ragnarok event. 

In my research there are thousands of Gods in Norse mythology but above are the most famous one. There are also few others such as Hel (Loki's daughter), the wolf Fenrir, the God of Joy Baldur, the Queen Frigg and many more. Well, Norse mythology consists of nine worlds and the God that i'm telling you guys are the one that came from Asgard. I also planned to include the God from Greek mythology (there's a difference you know!) but maybe not in the few days time. Well, enjoy. 


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